Joey Richter

Actor, Writer, Comedian, Only Child


As Ron Weasley in the Very Potter Series

Onstage during The Apocalyptour

You keep writing "starkid", but what is it?

Joey has been a member of Starkid Productions since its unconventional conception in 2009. What started as a motley crew of actors, writers, and designers looking to write their own work in college, grew into an entertainment and new media company that has reached over 200 million views on YouTube and a devoted international fan base. StarKid has captured the attention of: Entertainment Weekly, “Access Hollywood,” “Entertainment Tonight,” The Hollywood Reporter, The Detroit Free Press, New York Magazine and National Public Radio. Predating the current buzz surrounding online content, Starkid was instrumental in pioneering Youtube as an outlet for narrative story-telling, as well as bridging the gap between live performance and video.

As Bug in Starship

As Grunt in Firebringer

Ok. I'm starting to get it. But how'd they do it?

Starkid's breakout hit was in 2009 with A Very Potter Musical, a fan-made parody of the book series that immediately went viral and created lifelong fans in the hearts of Harry Potter lovers worldwide. To date, Starkid has produced 10 comedy musicals including: the follow-ups to AVPM, A Very Potter Sequel (Entertainment Weekly's "Must List") and A Very Potter Senior Year (Performed live for several thousand people at LeakyCon in Chicago), Me and My Dick (#11 on Billboard Charts "Original Cast Recording", a first for college production), Starship (#1 on Billboard Charts "Original Cast Recording", #4 on iTunes Charts), The Trail to Oregon (remounted for a sold-out Off-Broadway run at New York's Cherry Lane Theatre), and recently, Firebringer (headliner for Starkid's 2nd Annual Summer Season Festival). Even after successful theatrical runs, Starkid musicals have amassed hundreds of millions of views online.

In addition to StarKid's massive YouTube presence, they've mounted 2 sold-out concert tours with Live Nation across North America. In Fall of 2011, they hit the road with The SPACE Tour, playing 21 shows in 17 cities across the country. Less than a year later, they embarked on The APOCALYPTOUR, a 24 show, cross-country phenomena which culminated in a sold-out show at the historic Roseland Ballroom in NYC. 

Onstage during The SPACE Tour

As Bug in Starship